jam… it’s not just for toast

BBD Jams are made to go with more then your toast.
With almost 30 flavors, sweet, savory, and spicy,
there is a jam for you.

homemade pop tarts with BBD jam


I have a great selection of berry jams, like Blackberry Bourbon Vanilla Blueberry Lime Jam, and Purple Haze Jam. I source local berries when possible for Jersey Fresh flavor.


A delicious variety of savory flavors like Cracked Strawberry, Blackberry Basil, or Sweet Onion. We use the savory flavors for cooking and appetizers. The flavors pair well with meats and cheeses and a new dimension to your meals.


I LOVE spicy flavors. We use the the spicy flavors in cooking or as a condiment. My least spicy is the Peach Chipotle Jam and my most is Inferno – my Hot Pepper Jelly with Ghost, Scorpion, and Carolina Reaper added. If you like heat, nothing I have is going to cripple you or ruin your food.


I work hard to bring my customers tasty, unique, quality hand crafted jams, jellies, BBQ sauce, and whatever other creations I can come up with.

I am always looking for inspiration at farm markets, restaurants, and from my customers. If you have an idea or are looking for a special jam, just ask, who knows, it maybe my next creation.

I do craft many seasonal flavors so check back often.